Top 10  Tourist  Places to  Visit in  Jharkhand

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Hundru Falls:

Experience the breathtaking Hundru Falls one of the highest waterfalls in the state.

Betla National Park:

Explore the wildlife at Betla National Park home to diverse flora and fauna.

Jagannath Temple, Ranchi:

Visit the serene Jagannath Temple in Ranchi for its architectural beauty.


Discover the Queen of Chotanagpur Netarhat a hill station with panoramic views.

Dassam Falls:

Enjoy the scenic beauty of Dassam Falls and the Kanchi River.

Sun Temple, Ranchi:

Marvel at the modern architecture of the Sun Temple in Ranchi.

Rock Garden, Ranchi:

Relax at the Rock Garden a peaceful spot adorned with artistic sculptures.

Parasnath Hill:

Undertake a pilgrimage to Parasnath Hill a sacred Jain pilgrimage site.

Ranchi Lake:

Experience serenity at Ranchi Lake surrounded by lush greenery.

Deori Temple, Tamar:

Visit the ancient Deori Temple in Tamar reflecting historical significance.