Top 10 Places in RAJKOT for One Day Trip with Family 

Top 10 Places in RAJKOT for One Day Trip with Family


Aji Dam:

Enjoy a serene day by the Aji Dam offering picturesque views and the opportunity for a peaceful boat ride.

Lal Pari Lake:

Visit Lal Pari Lake, a hidden gem known for its tranquil surroundings, ideal for a family picnic.

ISKCON Rajkot:

Experience spirituality at ISKCON Rajkot where the family can participate in devotional activities and relish vegetarian cuisine.

Jubilee Garden:

Stroll through Jubilee Garden for its lush greenery and a charming atmosphere perfect for a family leisure walk.

Race Course Ground:

Head to Race Course Ground, a hub for sports enthusiasts offering open spaces for various outdoor activities.

Fun World Rajkot:

Engage in family-friendly fun at Fun World Rajkot featuring rides and games for all ages.

V.V.P. Adventure Park:

For adventure seekers, V.V.P. Adventure Park provides thrilling activities like zip-lining and rope courses.

Rajkumar College:

Explore the historic Rajkumar College, known for its architecture and educational legacy.

Pradyuman Park:

Enjoy the vibrant ambiance of Pradyuman Park, hosting events and providing a relaxing setting for families.

Aji Riverfront:

Unwind by the Aji Riverfront, offering scenic views and a peaceful environment for a family day out.