Explore the Wonders of Chikhaldara on Your One-Day Trip


Begin your day at Bhimkund a spot surrounded by lush greenery making it an ideal place for nature lovers.


Head to Panchbol Point for breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding hills and valleys. The five hills at this vantage point create a mesmerizing landscape.

Panchbol Point:

Nature enthusiasts can't miss Melghat Tiger Reserve home to diverse flora and fauna. Safari options offer a chance to spot wildlife in their natural habitat.

Melghat Tiger Reserve:

History buffs can explore Gawilgadh Fort, The ancient ruins and panoramic views make it a captivating visit.

Gawilgadh Fort:

Admire the sunset at Hariken Point offering a stunning view of the entire Chikhaldara region. The play of colors in the sky is a sight to behold.

Hariken Point:

Enjoy a peaceful boat ride on Bir Lake surrounded by hills. The serene environment makes it a perfect spot for relaxation.

Bir Lake:

Mozari Point provides another vantage point with breathtaking views of Chikhaldara from this elevated spot.

Mozari Point:

Visit Bhandardara Dam for a picturesque setting amidst hills. The dam's serene waters create a perfect backdrop for a tranquil day.

Bhandardara Dam:

Shakkar Lake is a hidden gem by offering a peaceful escape. The calm waters and surrounding greenery make it an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll.

Shakkar Lake:

Conclude your day at Ganesh Point for its unique rock formations. The scenic beauty and cool breeze make it a fitting end to your Chikhaldara one-day trip.

Ganesh Point: