10 Places in Vagamon for one day trip

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1. Vagamon Meadows:

Lush green meadows offering breathtaking views.

2. Pine Forest:

A peaceful forest perfect for nature walks.

3. Murugan Mala:

A hilltop place with a huge statue of Lord Murugan.

4. Thangal Hill:

A pilgrimage site with religious significance.

5. Vagamon Falls:

A beautiful scenic waterfall surrounded by lush green everywhere.

6. Barren Hills:

Unique landscapes resembling barren lands.

7. Maramala Waterfalls:

A hidden gem with cascading waterfalls and trekking trails.

8. Vagamon Lake:

A wonderful and clear lake for boating and peaceful strolls.

9. Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary:

Home to diverse flora and fauna.

10. Kurisumala:

A Christian pilgrimage center offering serenity and spirituality.