10 One Day Trip Places for Tourist in Bhuj


Visit this historic palace showcasing exquisite architecture and artifacts.

Aina Mahal:

Explore this majestic palace adorned with intricate designs and stunning views of Bhuj.

Prag Mahal:

Enjoy a serene boat ride and relax by the picturesque lake.

Hamirsar Lake:

Dive into Kutch's rich heritage through artifacts, textiles and tribal art displays.

Kutch Museum:

Trek to the hilltop for panoramic views of Bhuj and its surroundings.

Bhujia Hill:

Seek peace at this beautifully carved temple dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan.

Swaminarayan Temple:

Experience wildlife and bird watching in this unique desert ecosystem.

Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary:

See the royal cenotaphs showcasing intricate carvings and historical significance.


Explore the former royal residence and its lush gardens.

Sharad Baug Palace:

Witness artisans at work and shop for exquisite Kutch handicrafts.

Hiralaxmi Craft Park: