one-day spiritual places to explore in Bodh Gaya


Mahabodhi Temple:

Visit the iconic temple where Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment.

Bodhi Tree:

Experience serenity under the tree where Buddha meditated.

Great Buddha Statue:

Admire the impressive 80-feet Buddha statue near the Mahabodhi Temple.

Royal Bhutan Monastery:

Find peace in this beautiful monastery with traditional Bhutanese architecture.

Archaeological Museum:

Explore artifacts and sculptures depicting Buddhism's history.

Sujata Kuti:

Discover the spot where Sujata offered rice milk to Buddha before his enlightenment.

Ajapala Nigrodha Tree:

Witness the tree where Buddha spent a week in meditation.

Dungeswari Hills:

Trek to the cave where Buddha practiced austerity before enlightenment.


Reflect at the site where Buddha spent the first week post-enlightenment.

Animesh Lochana Chaitya:

Visit the stupa where Buddha gazed without blinking for a week after enlightenment.