10 Best Places to Visit Mizoram



The capital city, known for its scenic landscapes and the vibrant local culture.


A haven for wildlife enthusiasts by offering a glimpse of the rich biodiversity.

Murlen National Park:

Famous for its stunning landscapes, vibrant festivals and the quaint Murlen National Park.


A picturesque hill station with panoramic views and trekking opportunities.


The highest peak in Mizoram by offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.

Phawngpui (Blue Mountain):

A serene lake surrounded by hills, perfect for a peaceful boat ride.

Tam Dil:

One of the highest waterfalls in Mizoram with lush greenery.

Vantawng Falls:

A scenic spot for panoramic views of Aizawl city.

Durtlang Hills:

Known for its natural beauty and the unique bamboo and cane industry.


A tranquil lake surrounded by hills by providing a serene escape.

Palak Lake: