Tourist Places In Ernakulam District For One Day Trip

Ernakulam district in Kerala, India, is a treasure trove of natural beauty, historical sites, and cultural experiences, making it a perfect destination for a one-day trip. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, history buff, or just looking for a relaxing day out, Ernakulam has something to offer for everyone. In this article, we’ll guide you through ten must-visit tourist places in Ernakulam district for a memorable one-day trip.

Fort Kochi

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Fort Kochi is located in the heart of Kochi city, is a historic neighborhood known for its colonial architecture and serene atmosphere. Stroll along the picturesque streets lined with old Portuguese houses, visit the iconic Chinese fishing nets and explore St. Francis Church.

Fort Kochi is a charming blend of European heritage and Kerala’s indigenous culture, making it a favorite spot for tourists. The place exudes a unique old-world charm, and the aroma of spices fills the air.

  • Location: Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March
  • Places to Explore: Chinese Fishing Nets, St. Francis Church, Santa Cruz Basilica, Fort Immanuel

Marine Drive

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Marine Drive is a picturesque promenade facing the backwaters of Kochi. It offers stunning views of the sunset and is a popular spot among locals and tourists alike. You can enjoy a leisurely walk, indulge in local street food, or take a boat ride to experience the beauty of Kochi’s waterways.

Marine Drive is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the scenic beauty of Kochi. The gentle breeze, the rhythmic sound of the waves, and the vibrant atmosphere make it an ideal destination for a relaxing day out.

  • Location: Marine Drive, Kochi, Kerala
  • Best Time to Visit: November to February
  • Places to Explore: Sunset Views, Boat Rides, Local Street Food Stalls

Hill Palace Museum

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Hill Palace Museum is in Tripunithura and the Kerala’s first heritage museum. It showcases a vast collection of artifacts, paintings, and sculptures belonging to the royal family of Kochi. The museum is set amidst beautiful gardens and offers a glimpse into the region’s rich history and culture.

Hill Palace Museum is a treasure trove for history enthusiasts. The museum’s exhibits provide valuable insights into Kerala’s royal heritage and offer a delightful learning experience for visitors of all ages.

  • Location: Hill Palace Road, Tripunithura, Kochi, Kerala
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March
  • Places to Explore: Museum Exhibits, Archaeological Garden, Deer Park

Chottanikkara Temple

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Chottanikkara Temple is one of the most renowned temples in Kerala dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathy. Located amidst lush greenery, this temple attracts devotees and tourists alike. The temple’s architecture, rituals, and spiritual aura make it a must-visit destination in Ernakulam district.

Chottanikkara Temple is a sacred place of worship and spirituality. The serene ambiance and the religious fervor of the devotees create a unique atmosphere that is both calming and spiritually uplifting.

  • Location: Chottanikkara, Kochi, Kerala
  • Best Time to Visit: Anytime (Check for festival timings for special rituals and events)
  • Places to Explore: Main Temple, Surrounding Greenery, Religious Offerings

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Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

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Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary is a paradise for bird lovers and nature enthusiasts. Located in the heart of Kochi, this ecologically sensitive area is home to various bird species, butterflies, and plants is a nice one day trip from hustle and bustle of the city.

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary is a haven for migratory birds and a biodiversity hotspot. The sanctuary’s trails provide an excellent opportunity for bird watching and nature photography, making it a delightful experience for visitors.

  • Location: Mangalavanam, Kochi, Kerala
  • Best Time to Visit: November to February (migratory bird season)
  • Places to Explore: Bird Watching, Nature Trails, Butterfly Spotting

Bolgatty Palace and Island Resort

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Bolgatty Palace is situated on Bolgatty Island, is a historic palace turned heritage hotel. The lush green surroundings and the panoramic views of the backwaters make it an ideal destination for a relaxing day trip. You can enjoy a guided tour of the palace, savor delicious Kerala cuisine, and take a leisurely walk in the gardens.

Bolgatty Palace and Island Resort offer a glimpse into Kerala’s royal past. The tranquility of the island, combined with the charm of the palace, creates an enchanting ambiance that transports you to a bygone era.

  • Location: Bolgatty Island, Kochi, Kerala
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March
  • Places to Explore: Palace Tour, Backwater Views, Garden Walks

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

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Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Kochi is a modern sports facility and a hub for various events and activities. If you’re a sports enthusiast or interested in witnessing local sports events, the stadium is an exciting place to visit. You can catch a live match and enjoy the energetic atmosphere and cheer for your favorite teams.

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium is a vibrant center for sports and entertainment. The enthusiasm of the spectators and the thrill of the matches create a lively ambiance that is contagious, making it a memorable experience for visitors.

  • Location: Kaloor, Kochi, Kerala
  • Best Time to Visit: Depends on scheduled events (Check the stadium calendar for matches and concerts)
  • Places to Explore: Live Sports Matches, Cultural Events

Parikshith Thampuran Museum

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Parikshith Thampuran Museum is located in Chittoor Road, showcases a unique collection of artifacts, coins, and ancient manuscripts. The museum is dedicated to preserving Kerala’s cultural heritage and offers an insightful journey into the region’s art and history. Visitors can admire the intricate craftsmanship and learn about Kerala’s artistic traditions.

Parikshith Thampuran Museum is a treasure trove of cultural artifacts. The museum’s exhibits provide a glimpse into Kerala’s artistic legacy, making it an educational and visually enriching experience for visitors.

  • Location: Chittoor Road, Ernakulam, Kerala
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March
  • Places to Explore: Artifact Exhibits, Ancient Manuscripts, Numismatic Collection

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Wonderla Kochi

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Wonderla Kochi is an exhilarating amusement park that guarantees a day filled with fun and excitement. With thrilling rides, water attractions, and entertainment shows, Wonderla offers a fantastic experience for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re an adventure seeker or traveling with family, Wonderla promises a day full of laughter and joy.

Wonderla Kochi is a paradise for thrill-seekers and entertainment enthusiasts. The park’s diverse range of rides and attractions cater to different preferences ensuring that everyone has a memorable and enjoyable time.

  • Location: Pallikara, Kochi, Kerala
  • Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year (Avoid weekends and holidays for a less crowded experience)
  • Places to Explore: Thrill Rides, Water Slides and Musical Fountain Show

Bhoothathankettu Dam and Reserve Forest

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Bhoothathankettu Dam is in the village of Pindimana and is a scenic spot surrounded by lush greenery and flowing rivers. The dam is famous for its stone carvings and the legend associated with its origin. Visitors can enjoy boat rides in the reservoir, explore the nearby reserve forest and indulge in a peaceful picnic amidst nature.

Bhoothathankettu Dam is a serene retreat for nature lovers. The tranquil waters, coupled with the verdant forest surroundings, create a harmonious environment that is perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

  • Location: Pindimana, Ernakulam, Kerala
  • Best Time to Visit: June to February
  • Places to Explore: Dam Site, Boating, Reserve Forest Trails


Ernakulam district offers a diverse range of experiences for travelers seeking a one-day adventure. From historic sites to natural wonders and modern entertainment, this district has it all. Plan your visit according to the best time to explore your preferred destinations, and immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of Kerala’s heartland. Enjoy your one-day trip to the fullest and create lasting memories in this enchanting part of India.

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Tourist Places in Ernakulam District for One Day Trip helpful

Which is the best time to visit these tourist places in Ernakulam district?

The best time to visit Ernakulam district is from October to March when the weather is pleasant. During this period, you can enjoy outdoor activities comfortably and experience the beauty of the region without extreme weather conditions.

Are these places suitable for families with children?

Most of the tourist places in Ernakulam district are family-friendly. Wonderla Kochi, in particular, is a popular amusement park suitable for children and adults alike. Fort Kochi, Marine Drive and Bolgatty Palace also offer a relaxing atmosphere suitable for families.

How can I reach these tourist places in Ernakulam district?

Ernakulam district is well-connected by road, rail, and waterways. You can hire local taxis, auto-rickshaws or use public transportation to reach these places. Additionally, there are organized tours and packages available for tourists to explore these attractions conveniently.

Is there any entry fee for these tourist spots?

Some places may have an entry fee, especially museums, amusement parks and historical sites. It’s advisable to check the official websites or contact the respective places in advance to know about the entry fees and any discounts available for children or groups.

Are there local eateries near these tourist places where I can enjoy Kerala cuisine?

Ernakulam district is known for its delectable Kerala cuisine. You can find local eateries, restaurants and street food stalls near most tourist spots. Fort Kochi, in particular is famous for its seafood delicacies. Don’t miss the opportunity to try the authentic Kerala dishes during your visit.

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