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Saralpara Picnic Spot Assam

Assam’s picnic season is fast approaching and with Unlock 5 underway, some of you have probably started looking for some popular saralpara picnic spot. Assam is a state endowed with beautiful natural beauty that includes waterfalls, hills, valleys and streams flowing among the high mountains.

Enjoying a saralpara picnic spot in Assam in a picturesque setting is a winter delight or even a tradition. Saralpara, a popular saralpara picnic spot in Assam’s Kokrajhar district and one of many in the state, is my favorite. Recently, I have explored many places in Bodoland and Saralpara in Kokrajhar which have really mesmerized me with its breathtaking beauty and heavenly charm. 


Saralpara picnic spot of Assam location? 


It is possible to spend a day in Saralpara from Kokhrajhar, which is a great destination due to its high mountains and surrounding streams. From Kokrajhar town go 65 km. Easiest to get there from Kokrajhar or Bongaigaon towns. You can reach 

Saralpara is about three hours from Bongaigaon. Because the journey is quite long – about 6-7 hours – if you want to go to Saralpara for a picnic from Guwahati, it will be quite dangerous. Instead, you can stop at Bongaigaon and continue the next day.  

Saralpara in the Kokrajhar district of India is located near the headquarters of Sarpang Dzonkhag (DC) in Bhutan. With a small Bhutanese temple and prayer flags everywhere, Saralpara will make you feel like you’re in a rural Bhutanese village. 

The town of Sarpang in Bhutan was easily accessible to tourists before the Covid-19 pandemic. All you have to do is show your voter card. However, they have closed entry into Bhutan from here due to Covid-19 protocols. Due to the pandemic, another popular entry point from Gelephu to Bhutan has also remained closed. Tourists, mainly from Assam, frequent these places to admire the scenery or simply to shop. 

There is also an Indo-Bhutan friendship market in Saralpara where you can buy regional products. Bodo, Adivasi and Nepalese make up the majority of the population. 

Saralpara picnic spot
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How to reach Saralpara picnic spot 


You should have your own vehicle if you want to go to Saralpara in Kokrajhar as the location is remote and cut off from all outside communication. Via Bishmuri Saralpara Sarbhong Road, the distance to Kokrajhar city is 62.06 km. From there it will take about 2.5 hours. 

If you are starting your journey from Bongaigaon city, you should continue straight on Highway 27. Drive on the main road after crossing Kajolgaon, continue until you turn right to Bishmuri. 

Just before the bend, there is an important gate and the Bismuri army barracks ahead. Then you need to cross the Gaurang range to reach the Saralpara picnic spot area. Between Digli and Saralpara, you have to pass through the dense forests of the Chirang Reserve. This road is in a terrible state; it starts at the Bishmuri bend and crosses the forested area of the reserve. 

Due to poor road conditions, it will take longer to reach Saralpara from this location. To maximize your time at the picnic spot, it’s best to leave early in the morning. These areas remain extremely busy at weekends, making parking difficult. 

Since the border area has a number of military barracks, I advise you to pay attention to your behavior and attitude when dealing with local people. The road to the picnic area isn’t particularly safe at night, so it’s best to leave at dusk. Lack of network connectivity is another problem.  

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Best time to visit Saralpara Picnic Spot 


Winter is the best season to travel to Saralpara because the weather is still quite pleasant. Plus, it’s the perfect place to relax and soak up the winter sunshine, away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. 

In Saralpara, other times of the year are equally pleasant, but in my opinion, picnics are a bit less comfortable during the monsoon and summer seasons. Avoid monsoons as they make riverbanks soggy and dangerous. 

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Kokrajhar district Saralpara picnic spot of Assam  


Saralpara picnic spot was so fascinating that we went twice in one day. When we arrived at the saralpara picnic spot, we were surprised to see the high mountains overlap creating a beautiful scene with the fast-flowing stream ahead. 

Some areas of the creek are so low you can see the riverbed that you can easily soak your feet. Although not many people have died in the river recently, many people still go to bathe. Make sure you don’t get carried away with the fun and excitement. Because safety always comes first. 

Also, if you try to get there early, your chances of getting a better spot right next to the running water increase. There is a kitchen available, or you can bring food and share it with friends.  The latter is what we chose to do because we wanted to spend time and appreciate the pristine beauty of the area. We brought lunch and ate it right away. With that, we took a dip in the cool, shallow water. 

Photographers are sure to love Saralpara. For landscape photography, it offers stunning frames. Countless colors fill the sky at sunset, which is especially pleasing. Far from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, this is the perfect place to soak up the winter sunshine and relax. 

In Assam, having a picnic is more than just bringing food and going to the park to spend time with friends and family.  In Assam, however, picnics are well planned and involve teamwork. The venue is selected first, followed by a decision on the total number of attendees, vehicle rental, and breakfast and lunch menu planning.

We choose a specific date, bring our own firewood and cylinders, and bring the ingredients needed for cooking, such as meat and vegetables. To celebrate winter, fresh food is prepared while we sing and dance. This phrase is called “Bon-Bhoj” in Assamese culture. 

“Good” is a word that means forest. It’s easy to pick a favorite among the many scenic spots in Assam. Popular picnic spots near Guwahati include Chandubi, Kopili Picnic Area in Rani, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Panikhaiti, Chandrapur, Hatisila, Deepor Beel, Lake Umiam (Meghalaya) and more. Assam. The Brahmaputra valley has been greatly enhanced by the natural beauty brought about by the mighty river and its tributaries. 

But before planning your trip to Saralpara, be sure to confirm that picnic areas are allowed as picnic areas are sometimes closed to outsiders for high security reasons. Also, please do not litter the river and surroundings. 

The only thing that can keep Saralpara in Kokrajhar in its purest and purest state is this. I beg you not to swim in the water no matter how tempting it may seem because you never know when the water might resume. In these cases, we must be extremely cautious because being in such beautiful places can make us lose our minds.

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